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Peachcrest Elementary

Dekalb County Schools

Counselor's Corner


Jan Tingle, Tijuana Lewis, & Marquis Donald, are School Counselors at Peachcrest Elementary School. We are available to work in partnership with you to ensure academic success for your child. 

 A delivery system, which includes the guidance curriculum, individual student planning, responsive services and systems support, is in place to ensure that every student attending Peachcrest Elementary receives the benefits of the guidance and counseling program.
 Each of these services is designed to help students reach their highest potential within the Academic, Personal/Social and Career domains. Examples of these services are:
 • Confidential Individualized counseling sessions to help children adjust to school.
 • Classroom guidance lessons on a variety of topics such as: career assessments, study skills, organizational skills, bullying, self-esteem, friendship, anger management
 • Workshops for parents to learn ways to communicate with their children
 • Conferences for parents to learn about their children’s progress in school
 • Consultations with teachers to assist them in meeting individual student needs
 • SST / RTI, Students of the Month, Dress Code, Attendance Protocol, & Student Birthday Club.
 These are a few of the guidance and counseling services we offer you and your child.
 If you have questions or wish to a counselor about your child, please contact us at school. The phone number is (678) 874 - 1602.